Wading upstream, the Portland Trail Blazers entered the Playoffs

The Portland Trail Blazers won the fourth straight win to meet the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round West of the NBA Playoffs.

Similar to the match against the Brooklyn Nets, Portland Trail Blazers once again fell into the tail and experienced tense moments at the end of the fourth half in a salvage match against the Memphis Grizzlies. But they continued to succeed and the results this time are really sweet, when the ticket to the Playoffs is guaranteed.

Damian Lillard scored 31 points, CJ McCollum scored 29 points, including 14 points in the fourth half, thereby helping Portland Trail Blazers win the final with a score of 126-122. Jusuf Nurkic overcame the pain of losing her with a double-double (22 points, 21 rebounds), while Carmelo Anthony got 21 points.

The showdown between Portland and Memphis takes place like a high-speed train, when the advantage is constantly reversing back and forth between the two sides. Memphis Grizzlies sometimes led to 16 points in the first half, but erased that gap with a 22-3 streak in the next 5 minutes.

Grizzlies could not hold the lead for long, having once again been overtaken by Portland with a 6 point gap in mid game. Jusuf Nurkic fully carried the rebound with 17 catches to kick the board in just the first two innings. When he entered the changing room, none of Nurkic’s teammates had rebound more than once.

The third half was actually Memphis’ game when they scored 42 points. In history, there was only one time they did better than that, it was 46 points in their three-match match against LA Lakers in 2007. Ja Morant helped the home team 94-89 lead by rebound and passed Brandon Clarke to three points.

Grizzlies led 8 points with 9 minutes 55 seconds left and did so well to block Damian Lillard in the last half, not allowing the Portland star to have a successful live ball shot. However, Trail Blazers still has many talented throwers and CJ McCollum is the leader.

With his back not recovering from injury, McCollum successfully fired a long throw to balance the score 111-111 with about 3 minutes remaining. Since then, Portland Trail Blazers has not had to chase the score anymore. After Jusuf Nurkic took the and-one situation, McCollum made two fatal jumps right in front of Ja Morant, bringing the gap to 6 points with 1 minute and 20 seconds remaining.

Morant tried to get the Grizzlies back, but Carmelo Anthony’s three-point throw from the corner ended it all. Entering the Playoffs, the Portland Trail Blazers will be pitted against the Los Angeles Lakers. The match will take place on the morning of August 19.