The NBA sets the transfer market opening date (Part 1)

The NBA organizers have set a time frame for the teams to start making deals for the new season.

According to correspondent Marc Stein of The New York Post, the head of the NBA has made a decision about when to open the transfer market. It is expected that the teams will carry out exchanges, sign free players from November 20-21, which is only 2-3 days after the Draft period.

Now the NBA allows clubs to reach out to the players and make negotiations. Previously, this action was counted as night travel and was punished. However, due to the difficulty that COVID-19 brought, the Organizing Committee decided to loosen the tampering rule.

NBA organizers are scheduled to kick off the season kick-off on December 22 and allow teams to gather from December 1, a few days after the transfer market opens. These timelines still require the consent of the NBA Players Association.

Currently, a number of players are voicing opposition to the NBA’s schedule, especially the elders of the LA Lakers. According to Danny Green, he and his teammates had just played the Finals in October and having just over a month to rest will definitely affect the new season’s performance.

During transfer periods, contracts are usually signed in the first few days. In the case where the centralized schedule starts just 1 week after Techmart opens, the players will not have an advantage on the negotiating table.

The tournament organizers clearly want to start the season on the 22nd mark in order to be able to end the season early, avoiding the face of Olympic and NFL. However, the Footballer Association can completely push back this plan to protect their interests.

In the short term, the NBA is a huge challenge in finding the right time to kick off the 2020-21 season.

Everything is still being considered, with questions constantly being asked. Meetings are still held regularly to allow calculation and consideration by stakeholders.