The deceased sports superstar still makes a lot of money and assets of 600 million USD

The late Kobe player Bryant died earlier this year, but his family is still making a lot of money.

The world sports village was shocked early this year in 2020 when basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who won five NBA championships in his career, died in a crash helicopter crash that left him and his daughter, Gianna died. Kobe has left a huge legacy and is considered one of the most admired athletes of all time.

Forbes magazine recently published a list of the celebrities who make the most money in the world even after their deaths, and Kobe Bryant is number 6 on the list.

In 2020, the Bryant family still earns up to $ 20 million from a variety of sources, Forbes assesses that Kobe’s death even makes the goods, products and memorabilia related to him to sell.

Most of the $ 20 million in Nike sales for shoes and apparel, but Kobe’s 2018 autobiography also sold 300,000 copies this year, a 10-fold increase from the number of books sold in 2019.

Kobe’s jersey is the second best-selling jersey of the year by the Los Angeles Lakers club in which he has played his entire career, second only to the current superstar LeBron James.

Kobe’s death left a fortune of about $ 600 million for a family of parents, wife and three daughters. Kobe’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, is the head of the Bryant Family Foundation, which aims to help homeless and youthful people lead a more positive life.

On the Forbes list above, the legendary pop king Michael Jackson still leads when he earns $ 48 million a year, mainly from the royalties of his songs. Behind Jackson is the writer Dr. Seuss (33 million USD), comic artist Charles Schulz (32.5 million USD), golfer Arnold Palmer (25 million USD) and “King of Rock & Roll” Elvis Presley (23 million USD).