Stephen Curry had to attach the baskets to himself to keep up the exercise

In order to minimize COVID-19 infection, the NBA asked the teams to close down the entire training facility. This makes the players only allowed to practice at home.

With the NBA season suspended and all training facilities and gyms closed to combat COVID-19, the players had to implement some new ideas to maintain fitness and performance.

For Stephen Curry, this meant ordering a set of backballs from Spalding and having to install them right outside the road.

Quá thèm bóng rổ, Stephen Curry phải tự gắn bảng rổ ngoài đường đi để duy trì tập luyện

According to Wall Street Journal journalist Ben Cohen, Stephen’s wife Ayesha Curry decided to buy her husband’s basketball board after seeing him not touching the basketball for the past two weeks.

This is quite surprising because most A-list players like Stephen Curry often have basketball courts on their home campus. However, Steph’s mansion did not have a basketball board or yard, forcing the Golden State Warriors to be “starving the ball” for nearly 15 days.

Realizing her husband desperately needed to quench his thirst for basketball, Ayesha Curry went online and ordered a set of basketball tables. However, Stephen Curry will have to install it himself and this is an interesting point that the Wall Street Journal notes.

“At first I was very confident. I thought I would have no problem installing them. But then everything went extremely fast because I was almost overwhelmed when I read the installation manual,” Stephen Curry said.

Quá thèm bóng rổ, Stephen Curry phải tự gắn bảng rổ ngoài đường đi để duy trì tập luyện

In the end, the superstar who had hundreds of thousands of successful basketball shots and owned countless records in the NBA took 5 hours to complete the installation of the basketball board.

“Well, maybe I won’t practice today. Tomorrow will be a good time to start,” Curry added.

In late March, the NBA ordered the entire team to close down training facilities and cancel individual training sessions for the players to avoid crowding, limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Previously, the rules of training were quite strict as a basket was only allowed to be used by 1 player and 1 coach. All training aids must be disinfected after use.

It takes time, but at least Stephen Curry is luckier than many other players because he can still practice at home. For others, basketball was completely separate from their daily lives.