Michael Jordan was surprisingly exemplary in The Last Dance

Michael Jordan really showed the image of a professional player, exemplary and focused absolutely on professionalism instead of dissipated like some other superstars.

Born and raised in a small town in Wilmington, North Carolina, Michael Jordan decided to go to college for a nearby school before setting foot in the NBA with the third pick of the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

Không rượu chè hay hút sách, Michael Jordan mẫu mực đến không ngờ trong The Last Dance

From a young boy with a “good” background, Jordan has access to money and fame thanks to impressive basketball skills. But besides that, he also gets closer to the dark side of NBA players.

In the days when there were no social networks, many stars at the American Basketball League could eat alcohol, girls or smoke books without the attention of the media. And right in the first days of arriving in NBA, Jordan was accidentally exposed to these “dissipated” items.

One day during the preseason, Michael Jordan had just entered the hotel and was looking for teammates.

There, he accidentally found a room where many other Chicago Bulls players were secretly partying and at the same time, the small world of MJ had collided with the dark side of the NBA in the 1980s. .

Michael Jordan shared this story on the documentary The Last Dance as follows:

Also in The Last Dance, another character shared about the simplicity that Michael Jordan enjoyed, completely different from the dissipated life of many other Chicago Bulls.

This person said that Jordan lived like a university at UNC. He eats basketball, sleeps basketball. Occasionally, Jordan would invite his friends to play, play cards and watch movies. MJ’s teammates added that when the others were partying, Jordan was at home drinking orange juice and 7Up.

Không rượu chè hay hút sách, Michael Jordan mẫu mực đến không ngờ trong The Last Dance

“I don’t go to nightclubs. I don’t smoke books. I don’t use drugs. I didn’t drink alcohol at the time. I just wanted to have enough time to rest every day. I woke up the next day, and I went to practice again or play”, shared Michael Jordan.

The lesson that Jordan wants to share is that even when he was young, he did not let the temptations pull him away from the top goal, that is basketball.

With many other young stars, they think that they can “play a bit” when they are young before focusing more on their career. However, this is clearly not the way Michael Jordan thinks.

Thanks to the absolute focus on basketball and the extreme sense of training, Michael Jordan was different before becoming the greatest player in history.

The Last Dance is a 10-episode documentary series about the 1997-98 season, the last year in the Chicago Bulls’ dominant NBA empire.

Lasting 10 hours, The Last Dance is a compilation of hundreds of hours of filming stored in the NBA database for 2 decades. Almost all of these footage was untouched until Michael Jordan officially nodded in 2016.

The content of 10 episodes revolves around the pieces that bring the Chicago Bulls empire to the top. But in parallel, the factors that pulled one of the greatest NBA teams in history into the quagmire also appeared, contributing to the Bulls star-studded lineup officially disbanding shortly after the 6th championship.