During a play between Portland Trail Blazers and Orlando on the 3rd of March in NBA, Mario Hezonja was fined 25.000 USD as he has made inappropriate contact with a game official, which provoked controversy.

According to NBA News, during a rebound of Portland Trail in the very last minutes of the 3rd round, referee Portland Trail had the decision to blow the whistle on star CJ McCollum for his fault. Being in disagreement with his decision, other Portland Trail Blazers’s player, Mario Hezonja had an immediate reaction to referee’s decision to stand up for CJ McCollum. 

CJ McCollum said CJ McCollum had not deserved another technical fault, so he approached to prevent him from being unfairly treated. However, during this “small talk”, Mario Henzonja had grabbed the game official’s hand and he was called for a technical immediately. According to the NBA, NBA players do not have the right to touch game officials under any conditions during the play. After rewatching the play and basing on referee Kevin Scott’s report, the NBA decided to fine Portland Trail Blazers’ player 25.000 USD for not adhering to the rules.

This will be a valuable experience for Mario Hezonja in his next tournaments and plays. Unless the NBA’s rules are adjusted, NBA game officials’ decisions will be highly protected and put in the first priority. Every unappreciated reaction will lead to an unexpected fine.

At least, Mario Hezonja did not have to put up with another ridiculous accidental case as Isaiah Thomas of Washington Wizards in this year’s January. While trying to take the ball from opponents, this player was accidentally pushed away and had a clash with the play’s game official, which made him sit in the sidelined position when the play just lasted 88 seconds.