LeBron James surpassed the NBA legend in total Playoffs wins

Aside from the number of wins, LeBron James is ahead of this legend in his win rate over the postseason period.

LeBron James surpassed the NBA legend in total Playoffs wins. With the Los Angeles Lakers 116-108 win over the Portland Trail Blazers this morning, LeBron James has added an impressive streak in his personal CV.

This is the 158th win of the Playoffs of the king in the competition career, making him the player with many second wins of the Playoffs in NBA history, surpassing the legendary Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs.

Share after the game, LeBron James paid respect to Duncan, one of the legends associated with the team with 22 consecutive years of presence in the postseason.

“He was someone who ‘lived in the Playoffs’, as if it were meant for Tim. I’m so proud and humble to have this,” LeBron told reporters.

In his 19 years of career, Tim Duncan and San Antonio Spurs played the playoffs continuously from 1997 to 2015.

This is also the Spurs’ record chain of Playoffs that has just been broken after the coaches and coaches of Gregg Popovich failed to participate in the eight highest ranked teams in the West this season.

Besides wins, LeBron James has an edge over Tim Duncan in terms of win rate over the postseason period. 

Los Angeles Lakers star only needs 242 games to get 158 ​​wins (65.3% rate), while Tim Duncan needs 251 games (62.5%). However, “Timmy” is outperforming LeBron in terms of the NBA championship with 5 rings (compared with 3 of James).

In front of LeBron James in the player ranking with the most Playoffs wins is a former Los Angeles Lakers player – Derek Fisher.

However, it is the fact that LeBron overcame former Kobe teammate Bryant was probably only a matter of time as he was three more wins behind Fisher.