LeBron James invited Carmelo Anthony to plan revenge

For young and aspiring players like LeBron or Carmelo, the bench for them is unacceptable.

In an online chat on Uninterrupted, Carmelo Anthony had a very interesting sharing about his close friend LeBron James during the time they both played for the US team at the 2004 Olympic Games.

It is known that the duo was drafted in the summer of 2003, if LeBron James was the player who received the first pick, Carmelo Anthony was brought in by the Denver Nuggets in the 3rd pick round 1. They quickly had a potential performance in the rookie season and has the trust of coach Larry Brown.

Ngồi dự bị tại Olympic 2004, LeBron James rủ Carmelo Anthony lên kế hoạch trả thù

Rounding a year after setting foot in the NBA, LeBron and Carmelo Anthony were summoned by Coach Brown to the list of US teams to attend the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Greece, with new 20-year-old players like LeBron or Carmelo naturally very eager to attend the most prestigious tournament team level.

But despite the impressive performance in the NBA, the duo has not been able to receive the trust of coach Brown. Instead, he chose Shawn Marion and Richard Jefferson as the main fighters.

For young and devoted players like LeBron or Carmelo, sitting on the bench watching their teammates is really a pain for them. So the duo has planned revenge.

Carmelo Anthony admitted on the video that he and LeBron had promised to destroy the two robbers of his official position. In fact, that was not a promise, in the following seasons LeBron and Carmelo both played like there was nothing to lose whenever they faced Shawn Marino or Richard Jefferson in the NBA.

Ngồi dự bị tại Olympic 2004, LeBron James rủ Carmelo Anthony lên kế hoạch trả thù

On the positive side, such comparisons give young stars the motivation to move forward, as evidenced by the success of LeBron James as he rose to become an influential star. off the basketball. For Carmelo Anthony, his career would have been much more glorious had it not been for a traumatic injury.

Returning to the 2004 Olympics, the US team won only one bronze medal after losing to Argentina in the semifinals, the Tango country then surpassed Italy with the score 84-69 to win the championship.

With LeBron and Carmelo individually, they returned to the 2008 Olympics with the determination to revenge, along with excellent teammates such as Kobe Bryant, Chris Bosh, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade or Dwight Howard USA team as a flat rolling roller whichever opponent they encounter.

The United States then had a sweet Argentine revenge match with a 101-81 victory in the semifinals before crushing Spain with a score of 118-107 in the Final and winning a gold medal-worthy in China.