LeBron, Curry and the big NBA figures supported Joe Biden

Nearly all of the NBA has expressed dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump’s ability to rule, so it is not difficult to understand when they turn in favor of the rival candidate.

The relationship between the Donald Trump administration and the NBA has become increasingly tense, if the stars of the most attractive basketball tournament on the planet openly criticize the billionaire president, in the opposite direction, Mr. Trump also does not fit.

Constantly sarcasm of the NBA, the US president does not hesitate to appear in the media, even openly criticizing LeBron James in his election speech, which makes the relationship between the two sides increasingly fractured.

As a matter of course, against Donald Trump, the balance of the NBA will be in favor of his opponent – Joe Biden. Many of the tournament’s stars openly supported the Democratic candidate!

The two most famous players in the current NBA: LeBron James and Stephen Curry are the players who openly support Joe Biden in a very positive way. Even the Golden State Warriors defender, wife and children, appeared on a short video calling for a vote for the 1942 Senator.

The media advantage is fully utilized by NBA players when they regularly share positive news from Joe Biden, which makes the Democratic candidate bring in a huge following.

In addition to LeBron and Curry, other stars such as Chris Paul or even coaches like Steve Kerr of GSW, the new Captain Doc Rivers of Philadelphia 76ers, or Gregg Popovich of San Antonio Spurs also openly supported Joe Biden and directed his criticism towards Donald Trump.

Although he was not popular with the NBA, Mr. Donald Trump did not lose because the Republican candidate received even greater cheers from famous American sports figures from the MLB, NFL tournaments, UFC, MMA or WWE.