Kobe Bryant’s student becomes Pick 1 WNBA Draft 2020

Sabrina Ionescu, one of Kobe Bryant’s students, realized the dream by becoming the first vote at the WNBA Draft 2020.

WNBA Draft 2020, even just done on the online platform, has also attracted a lot of attention with honor picks for Gianna Bryant, Alyssa Altobelli and Payton Chester, the ill-fated female players were killed in the accident. helicopters in January. However, that did not take away any of the glory of the main characters, the players from the NCAA are preparing to enter the professional path.

Học trò Kobe Bryant trở thành Pick số 1 WNBA Draft 2020

The first vote did not cause any surprise, when New York Liberty chose Sabrina Ionescu, NCAA’s living legend from the University of Oregon. Despite not winning a championship, but in 4 years playing for Ducks, the Romanian girl set a US Student basketball record with 26 triple-doubles and became the first athlete in history to reach the 2,000-point and 1,000-point mark. rebound and 1,000 assists.

Ionescu reached that historic milestone on February 24, 2020, just hours after speaking at the Kobe Bryant memorial service. Ionescu is one of Kobe’s only mentors and she is also the one who conveyed experience to Gianna Bryant.

He felt fortunate to be in this position after working hard all his life. It was exciting to be a part of that young team. He will try to learn and find positions. He will bring the spirit of victory and the platform acquired in Oregon to Liberty.

Học trò Kobe Bryant trở thành Pick số 1 WNBA Draft 2020

Sabrina Ionescu had the opportunity to compete with professional athletes last November when the University of Oregon encountered the US national team. In that match, Oregon won with a score of 93-86. The Romanian player shines with 30 points and 7 rebounds.

Ionescu’s Oregon teammate Satou Sabally was picked for the second round by the Dallas Wings. This is the fourth time in WNBA Draft history that the first 2 votes came from the same school. Sabally is also two of the three German players selected in this year’s Draft, alongside Luisa Geiselsoder (turn 21, Dallas Wings) and Lionie Fiebich (Turn 22, LA Sparks).