How is the classic San Antonio Spurs team modernizing? (Part 2)

Starting from solidarity, San Antonio opened up many opportunities for quick counter-attacks.

But the difference is that Spurs have accepted “transition 3” throws, fast 3-point counter-attacks, which they have rarely done before.

The ball shown below shows that Dejounte Murray launched his attack very quickly, resulting in a 3-point lead early on Patty Mills’ shot-clock (only 18 seconds).

With a fast pace, Spurs are currently in the 4th place in the league in terms of the number of ball controls per match (in the restart phase alone).

Besides, the breakthroughs and turning the ball out of 3 points also appeared more and more, showing that San Antonio Spurs was more open to the 3-point results.

The chance to throw came to Quinndary Weatherspoon (shirt number 15). But true to the quality of Spurs’ team basketball, he still chose to break the pass once more to his more empty teammate in the corner. Three points count for San Antonio.

Another case of 3-point results, this time by Derrick White after he “freed” for DeMar DeRozan in a difficult situation under the basket.

Referring to DeMar DeRozan, he is one of the major changes that San Antonio Spurs applied in Orlando.

Instead of playing in position 2 or 3, DeRozan has now moved to play in position 4 – Power Forward.

For DeRozan on the field in PF position, next to him will be at least 3 pitchers throwing 3 points, rotating between names like Derrick White, Dejounte Murray, Patty Mills, Lonnie Walker IV or Keldon Johnson.

With the ability to attract people, DeMar easily has assists like assists for Derrick White in the video above (he has an average of 6.7 assists over 3 matches).

In addition, coach Popovich still allows DeRozan to play in his style, believing in the decision making of the students.

The highlights below show DeRozan playing freely and being creative. Many of the balls he made were the focal points and created for his teammates to cut or throw away.

DeMar DeRozan is still San Antonio Spurs’ most average pitcher and it is hard to force him to leave the shots with the highest success rate. But with this new position, DeRozan is doing quite a good job

These changes show how San Antonio Spurs, one of the classic football teams, is changing itself in the current throwing era.

There will be difficulties and challenges, but teachers and coach Gregg Popovich is playing quite well in Orlando when the only team to win the first 2 matches. They only lost the third match with a point difference before the strong opponent in the East is Philadelphia 76ers.

With this transformation, San Antonio Spurs not only endeavored for hope of the Playoffs this year but also laid the foundation for the following years.

It was time to transfer the generation from old stars like DeRozan, Patty Mills or LaMarcus Aldridge to more potential players like Lonnie Walker, Jakob Poetl, Derrick White or Dejounte Murray.