Having surpassed Antetokounmpo, LeBron James became the leader of NBA 2K21

LeBron James’s impressive performance helped him take back the position of player with the highest rating in NBA 2K21 from Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Antetokounmpo to become the player with the highest overall stats in NBA 2K20, but that is the story of the past.

LeBron’s convincing performances this season not only brought him a fourth title, but also brought the 35-year-old back to the NBA 2K21 crown.

NBA 2K21’s official Twitter yesterday announced the overall scores of a few stars with LeBron James having the league’s highest score at 98.

Second place is none other than the player who received the MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo title twice in a row with an overall score of 97. This is considered an unsurprising result because the Greek goddess was soon eliminated in the second round of the Playoffs this season.

For LeBron James, his on-field performances and this season’s stats are the best testament to his number one spot in NBA 2K21. In the group stage he averaged 25.3 points – 7.8 rebounds – 10.2 assists per game.

This number increased to 27.6 points – 10.8 rebounds – 8.8 assists at Playoffs. Until the Finals series against the Miami Heat, LeBron James showed destructive form with 29.8 points – 11.8 rebounds – 8.5 assists per game, and a throw efficiency of 59%.

His opponent in the Finals, Jimmy Butler, after a sublime season, also increased his Overall rating from 87 to 93. Luka Doncic also jumped from 87 to 94, higher than the Miami Heat defender.

Contrary to the rise of Butler or Doncic, Paul George dropped the overall score from 92 to 88 after a disappointing performance at the Playoffs and let the Denver Nuggets go upstream to beat 4-3.

NBA 2K21 will be officially released in November, the NBA realistic simulation game is still rated as the best basketball game currently.