Devin Booker launched the best game-winner in Orlando

The “super clutch” kick ended Devin Booker’s sublimation day, who scored 35 points with 8 assists and 4 rebounds and 13-25 FG.

When the NBA announced a list of 22 teams to restart the season in Orlando, many people were wondering about the name Phoenix Suns.

They think the team does not deserve to be present and the Playoffs race seems to be quite remote for Phoenix. However, after today, Devin Booker and his teammates proved how wrong the judgment was.

Thanks to the dazzling performance that Suns is showing, this “paving the way” team is unbeaten in Orlando after 3 matches, suddenly entering the race to the final Playoffs.

The Phoenix Suns’ third victory came early this morning against LA Clippers, who were judged to be much stronger than them.

Keeping up the tug of war for nearly 48 minutes, Suns had 2 chances to control the ball in the last 30 seconds.

The first chance fell off when Ricky Rubio finished. But on the second chance when the ball reached Devin Booker, he did not miss and launched a classic game-winning buzzer-beater.

Receiving the ball outside the 3-point mark, Booker wanted a shot on the left wing, but Kawhi Leonard was there to block the attack.

In the extremely narrow scope and being strongly followed by Paul George, D-Book launched a shot to bring Kawhi “to the sky” before turning and launching a fatal blow, it was a bold fadeaway. Kobe is unstoppable.

Paul George did everything he could. He followed Booker closely and his hand was close to the ball. However, the wave of the Phoenix Suns superstar was too sensual and the ball went into the basket just as the final whistle sounded.

The “super clutch” pitch ended the sublimation day of Devin Booker, who scored 35 points with 8 assists and 4 rebounds and 13-25 FG.

This is also Booker’s third game-winning buzzer-beater in his career. From 2015 until the time Devin arrived in the NBA, no one has more than this number and only LeBron James has achieved the same number of throws.