Delonte West: From mother’s mistress LeBron James to the homeless psychiatrist (Part 2)

It is not clear what Delonte West had whispered into LeBron James’s ear, but that day’s victory was for the Celtics.

From the million-dollar star, West suddenly became a homeless addict

That would also seem like the last time Delonte West will ever be useful for an NBA team. He played another season for the Dallas Mavericks, before being terminated by the team due to his undisciplined personality. Since then, West has been shunned by football teams. Even Chinese or Venezuelan football teams cannot stick with this NBA veteran for long. He broke up with his career in 2015 with a serious injury.

Just a year later, the basketball world was shocked with the image of West walking to a public place with bare feet and wearing a hospital gown. Rumors of a player born in 1983 becoming homeless arose and former Cleveland Cavaliers defender immediately cleared up, saying that he was just helping wanderers in search of home.

In early 2020, it hurts to know that Delonte West has truly become a person with no place to live. The video of him taking off the match sitting in the middle of the street, being tied up, beaten and not awake spread dizzily on the Internet. Addiction and bipolar disorder seem to have beaten the former player.

West once said that he had a happy childhood despite poverty. His definition of happiness, it seems, is addiction in his teenage days, self-abuse, and often attached to the children’s hospital. Perhaps it was those memories that hurt West both literally and figuratively, diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008.

In the years that followed, Delonte West frequently ran into legal trouble with the possession of weapons. He also had trouble controlling finances, buying houses for both his parents and cousins, then went bankrupt and had to go to job centers to apply for a job next year, when the NBA is on hold.

During the difficult days of his life, West did not receive any help from relatives, who were living in the house he paid for. Fortunately, Delonte met his gentleman, when Mark Cuban personally drove to the gas station to pick him up, promising to help him with rehab, psychotherapy and rebuilding his life.

Delonte West is such a poor footballer, but for sure, the malicious jokes nearly 10 years ago won’t make LeBron James forgive him. Right now, the two are in two different worlds. One side is glory with money and fame, and the other side is homeless with mental illness, in need of strong sponsors to help.

In retrospect, the characters behind that bizarre joke were also being “struck by karma”. The Celtics have not made it to the NBA Final since then, while Doc Rivers went to the LA Clippers, failed to reach the Regional Finals and became the only coach in history to be eliminated from the Playoffs three times in a 3-1 lead.

But no one noticed it. Only a pitiful Delonte West was seen.