Delonte West: From mother’s mistress LeBron James to the homeless psychiatrist (Part 1)

Ten years ago, Delonte West used an affair with Mrs. Gloria to tease LeBron James. Right now, West seems to be suffering from retribution.

On September 29, Mark Cuban made everyone admire when he extended his hand to help Delonte West, a talented former NBA player who fell into addiction and homelessness. But certainly among the rejoicing was not LeBron James. The relationship between Ms. Gloria James and West had a huge impact on the psychology of LeBron 10 years ago.

In 2010, the final year on the contract between LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the NBA was rumored to be rumored by Delonte West and LeBron’s mother Gloria James, having a relationship above friends. Before that, there was a lot of false information aimed at the love life of Ms. Gloria, but it seemed that information about West was true.

“Unfortunately, many of my reputable sources in the NBA simultaneously confirmed this relationship,” Calvin Murphy shared on radio. “They said that now there are only two people left who don’t know the story, it is me and LeBron.”

The needle in the old bag also showed up, and when LeBron James knew about the scandal that happened between his mother and his teammate. He completely fell apart in the Playoffs that year, and the bad last three games in the Eastern Semifinals with a 34% throw mark marked LeBron’s last time with Cleveland (until four years later).

In the summer of 2010, James joined the Miami Heat and created the Big 3, while Delonte West was salvaged by the Boston Celtics with a $ 1 million contract. Heat and Celtics are the two strongest teams in the East and Danny Ainge seems to have no tricks to get a ticket to the NBA Finals.

The 2011 Eastern Semifinal is a clash between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat. At Game 5 hinges, when the two teams drew at the last minute, the Delonte West trump card was launched by coach Doc Rivers. At that moment, LeBron James was standing in front of the free-throw line when he suddenly heard West whisper something in his ear. James’s former teammate leaves with a mysterious smile.

LeBron missed the second free kick and was blamed for the collision with Paul Pierce. Heat’s No.6 got mad at the referee at the very sensitive time of the match and immediately got technical errors. Pierce and Allen successfully threw the free-kick, and West returned to the bench, slapping hands with Doc Rivers with a triumphant smile.