COVID-19 spread in Orlando before the day of NBA welcome

Concerns about the safety of NBA players are becoming more and more solid when the COVID-19 situation in Orlando becomes more and more complicated.

In just over half a month, 22 NBA teams will converge in Orlando to compete for the rest of the season. The safety of the players is a top priority in the organizers’ plan and therefore basketball lovers should be worried because COVID-19 still has complicated movements at the venue preparing to welcome the ball players in the world-leading basket.

According to the Twitter page of Orange County, Florida, where Orlando is located, there have been 316 new SARS-CoV-2 infections in the area. The district government had to set up new testing stations and ordered stitching in public places.

Orange County is currently conducting mass testing in the community. The number of tests remains stable and will increase even more in the coming days as it prepares to welcome NBA and MLS teams (American Professional Football League) to play.

The problem is that the positive rate for COVID-19 in Orlando is on the rise. At the beginning of June, only about 2% of positive cases were found in nearly 3,000 tests. Meanwhile, that number has skyrocketed to 15.1% in recent days.

It is clear that many NBA players feel concerned about safety and health, when the surroundings are still not really safe. The organizers tried to create a separate isolation area for the members, but it was obvious that the slightest mistake would cost the entire team, and this was the time the players needed to weigh the risks.