Between Kobe and LeBron, which NBA legend will choose a teammate?

The confrontation story between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James has always been extremely heated discussion. So what is the perspective of this comparison but from an NBA legend?

Back in 2011, LeBron James had just experienced a bitter defeat after his first season with the Miami Heat. 

Together with his new teammates in the postseason, LeBron fell to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals after 6 matches.

At this point, LeBron is still working hard to prove its worth in the NBA. He has been in two NBA Finals, but lost both in 2007 with the Cleveland Cavaliers and in 2011 with the Miami Heat.

With what happened up to that point, LeBron James has created many doubts about his ability. And not only with the fans, even the legends also have unimpressive thoughts about James.

In an interview, NBA legend Larry Bird was asked about who he would choose between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James as teammates.

Larry Bird chose both, but the reason he chose each one clearly indicates that Kobe is the most impressive name.

“Kobe is like a tough kid, his spirit is very strong. But that doesn’t mean LeBron is inferior. I do not mean to bring down LeBron because playing with him will bring a lot of fun, many nice balls and have more excitement when playing.

But Kobe has a tougher mindset about basketball. Each training session, he is also extremely determined to strive to improve themselves, “Larry Bird added.

After that season, LeBron James got his hands on the first NBA trophy after he beat Miami CIty Thunder with Miami Heat. The following season, James took the throne again, completing the NBA double.

But LeBron himself admitted one thing when compared to Kobe: “There was a time when Kobe owned 5 rings, and I didn’t have any. It’s as simple as that.”

However, the “king” is now in a very different position.

Dressed in the purple yellow Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James is expected to bring glory to “LakeShow” as Kobe Bryant once did.