During the serious phase when the whole America is having to deal with the large spreading of Covid-19, the Organization Department of NBA is on their go to come up with an alternative option of kicking off the 2020 NBA tournament.  

“Mr. Adam Silver will not rush into bringing back NBA, however, he commits that the tournament will reappear by all costs soon.” This is the sharing of NBA being broadcasted on CNBC Channel for basketball fans. 

One of the most difficult problems is finding a suitable competing revenue as when matches are held again, spectators maybe not allowed to take part in the matches. This also means that whether teams play in hosting court or away-court will no longer matters. So, what will happen if the rest of the tournament, including Playoffs, will all take place in a revenue?

The answer can be Las Vegas. Apart from this, there will be a mini-tournament to identify specific slots for Playoffs, in case the Regular Season has to be shortened. 

The idea of organizing knock-out plays for those teams which do not have the chance to take part in the Playoffs is also a puzzle to many NBA fans. NBA will probably choose a certain number of basketball teams and let them compete with each other like the format of March Madness in NCAA.

After that, the Playoffs round will take place. If NBA is forced to shorten this postseason period, NBA Organization Department may arrange the first round or even the second round (semi-final) with only 5 games instead of 7 games as other NBA previous sessions. All of the region semi-finals and NBA Finals will take place with the form of best-of-7 as the long-standing tradition.

About the tournament revenue, all can be held in Las Vegas, where the NBA often holds the Summer League.