It came as a shock 25 years ago when Michael Jordan declared to give up his career as a baseball player and once again became a basketball player. Michael Jordan wore the orange Chicago Bulls uniform after 17 months off basketball. 

10/28/95–Chicago’s Michael Jordan (23), right, drives around Eric Piatkowski (52), left, of the LA Clippers Saturday night. (Photo by Anne Ryan, USA TODAY) ORG XMIT: 7

“I’m back” – 25 years ago, these were 2 words that got across all the content of a press release which completely shocked all NBA. It was sent out from F.A.M.E, the representative company of basketball legend Michael Jordan.

On the 18th, March 1995, after just only a few days after Jordan officially gave off this professional career, he at the same time declared to come back with NBA, with Chicago Bulls and with basketball world, where he truly belongs after 17 months far away. 

If someone asked if Michael Jordan can make it well in baseball, then the answer is Yes. However, !in comparison with many legendary titles that he has achieved in basketball, it totally takes Michael such a long time to be at that leave in other types of sports.

Starting with joining a baseball team in Minor League (a small league of American Champion, which is quite similar to G-League of NBA nowadays), MJ tried so hard as a Chicago Whitesox player to find him a chance to take part in another top-ranking team.

At first, he did not have really outstanding performances. However, thanks to his hard-working and tenacity in practicing, Michael Jordan’s skills had gradually been improved and finally, he could impress on his fans and other baseball experts at Arizona League. At that point, there were even a handful of experts who believed that Michael Jordan will have a chance to play in the Major League Baseball (American Baseball Championship).